Extended 3-Year Tailgate Warranty now Standard

As an industry leader withImage a longstanding tradition of engineering simple, effective and low-maintenance solutions to increase productivity, Philippi-Hagenbuch is now offering a new three-year warranty program on the entire Autogate Tailgate line of products for both Articulated Off-Highway Dump Trucks and Rigid-Frame Off-Highway Dump Trucks.

Based on the confidence we have in our tailgates, this warranty is being offered as a standard, adding an additional two and a half years to the existing six (6) month warranty.  To receive the extended warranty, all PHIL requires is for the off-highway tailgate to be installed at their factory or for the client to utilize our Installation Supervision Assistance where one of our Installation Specialists visits the client or dealer site and works with their crew to install the tailgate(s).  In doing so, the Installation Specialist can verify that the tailgate was installed correctly which is key to long life and proper utilization.

For additional information, call (309) 697-9200 and speak with your Account Manager today.

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