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PHIL Licenses Water Tank Technology to Trinity Mining

PHIL HiVol Water Tank on Cat 789Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., and Trinity Mining & Construction Equipment, Inc., are happy to announce the licensing of PHIL Water Tank Technology to Trinity Mining & Construction Equipment, Inc., of San Antonio, Texas.  Through this agreement, Trinity Mining has the ability to sell and manufacture “Trinity” branded water tanks based on proven Philippi-Hagenbuch designs and proprietary technology.

Through patented and patent pending innovations, the PHIL design has substantially minimized internal tank confined space concerns while making the water tanks easier to maintain throughout their industry-leading lifecycle.

PHIL revolutionized the mining industry with the first “flat-top” water tank in the early 2000’s.  The flat top in conjunction with square corners and integrated side-surge-stabilizers led to the most effective compartmentalization of water available.  When transporting and dispersing the quantity of water required within a mine, minimizing the movement of water within a tank is of extreme importance.

The innovative addition of access doors allowing easy and unencumbered access from outside the tank to within its compartments is also an industry first.  Furthering this “ease of access”, PHIL patented the use of doors that close within water tanks allowing people and natural air to move freely within the tanks without needing to crawl through holes when the doors are open.  This enhanced access to individual compartments has decreased harmful anaerobic bacteria from building within water tanks as fresh air can flow freely from the outside throughout all compartments when open.  While in transport mode, all doors are closed, compartmentalizing water to eliminate water surges between compartments, while still allowing the water to flow as needed.

Through this agreement, PHIL will continue to design and engineer the Water Tanks and offer them  through the Trinity Mining organization, which will sell and manufacture Trinity branded Water Tanks tailored to their customers’ requests; HiVol™ branded water tanks will continue to be engineered, sold and manufactured by Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.

Building upon the strengths of Trinity’s manufacturing and sales force, Trinity Water Tanks will assist Trinity in offering a more complete approach to haul truck solutions for their customers in mining and other industries.  Sizes and capacities of tanks range from 8,000 gallons for 30-ton ADT’s up through 80,000 gallons in capacity for 380-ton Rigid Frame Haul Trucks.

For more information on this partnership, please contact Josh Swank at Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. at (309) 697-9200 or Nick Verska at Trinity Mining at (210) 304-7934.

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Bottom Dump – Plumbed, Painted & Read to Roll



As you can see, the Bottom Dump has made a lot of progress since last week.  The tires have been mounted, clamshell doors installed and the unit has been fully plumbed and painted.  In less than 24 hours, the trailer will be making its way to Mexico, where it will be operating for the next couple of decades.

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Bottom Dump Progress


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Birth of a Bottom Dump


What is the “Birth of a Bottom Dump”?  Late last fall, we undertook a project to design, engineer and build custom Bottom Dump Trailers for a salt harvesting operation in Mexico.  From the week the order was received, through the week of shipment, we are chronicling the steps involved in our ordering, design, engineering and fabrication processes on our Facebook Page.

PHIL is a unique company and we make unique equipment.  Equipment specifically designed for the exact end user that will be using this piece of equipment – often for more than 20 years.  Too often in today’s marketplace, people and companies settle for “off the shelf” products – products that can handle 80% or so of what they need, but often aren’t tailored for the specific and exact use.  It’s because most equipment companies employ “assembly line thinking.”

While building products on an assembly line is very profitable and the easiest way to get your product built and deployed to the masses, we at Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. choose to focus on the niche needs of clients in the Mining, Aggregate, Power Plant & Refinery, Steel Mill and Landfill industries.  We listen to their needs and desires and respond with products that are designed specifically for them and their operations.

Click here for more information on our Bottom Dump Trailers.

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Young Leaders see the need for Tailgates

As PHIL takes a part in NSSGA’s Young Leaders retreat in Freeport, Bahamas tailgates for off-highway trucks have become a hot topic.

Every company within the aggregates industry is looking for a rebound from the economic downturn. Short of hotspots in North Carolina, North Dakota and Texas, consensus from the group indicated a very small uptick in business. Over the past four years, businesses have been forced to cut costs every way they can. The good news is that aggregates producers are as lean and in as good of shape as they ever have been.

Because of the previous cost cutting measures, producers are now looking at new, but proven ways to increase productivity, which is where tailgates come in.

From the large multi-national producers to the small independent family owned quarries dotted across North America, the majority of the producers attending the Young Leaders conference have outfitted their haul trucks with tailgates. To increase payload, to decrease maintenance and to get better tire life, over 200 Young Leaders and their respective companies can’t be wrong.

At Philippi- Hagenbuch, we like to say that they’re thinking “inside the box”.


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Extended 3-Year Tailgate Warranty now Standard

As an industry leader withImage a longstanding tradition of engineering simple, effective and low-maintenance solutions to increase productivity, Philippi-Hagenbuch is now offering a new three-year warranty program on the entire Autogate Tailgate line of products for both Articulated Off-Highway Dump Trucks and Rigid-Frame Off-Highway Dump Trucks.

Based on the confidence we have in our tailgates, this warranty is being offered as a standard, adding an additional two and a half years to the existing six (6) month warranty.  To receive the extended warranty, all PHIL requires is for the off-highway tailgate to be installed at their factory or for the client to utilize our Installation Supervision Assistance where one of our Installation Specialists visits the client or dealer site and works with their crew to install the tailgate(s).  In doing so, the Installation Specialist can verify that the tailgate was installed correctly which is key to long life and proper utilization.

For additional information, call (309) 697-9200 and speak with your Account Manager today.

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